Definitions and Standards

I carry historically-accurate garments, costumes, and modern clothes. I take in custom work and sell off-the-rack. Because this can get confusing, here's how to tell what's what:

If it is a CUSTOM item, that means that a garment does NOT exist yet. I will make one up to your specifications.

If it is HISTORICALLY-ACCURATE, that means that to the best of my knowledge and capabilities it is correct to the time period. This includes the pattern, materials, and sewing techniques.

If it is MODERN, then it is not made to fit any particular era. For example, little girls bloomers may fit a certain historical era, but they are not made with the intention of meeting those requirements, and as such may or may not be accurate.

If it is a COSTUME, then it is NOT accurate to the era with which it is associated. For example, a circle skirt with an elastic band may look like an antebellum skirt, but it is not historically-accurate. It's fun and may serve your purposes, but it is NOT accurate.

If it is MACHINE SEWN, I have used a modern electric sewing machine to sew the item.

If it is TREADLE SEWN, I have used a Singer Red Eye 66 (circa 1915), non-electric, treadle sewing machine to sew the item.

If it is HANDSEWN, I have used an actual needle and thread ONLY to sew the item. Okay, perhaps a thimble, but I did NOT use a machine. None of this "handsewn on machine" stuff.

CUSTOM OPTIONS: These are extra little things that can really make an item elegant: fine fabrics, tucks, and whitework, for example. If you would like these on your item, please purchase the item AND the extra option.

CUSTOM WORK: Please read my shop policies before purchasing custom items.