Shop Policies

So glad you asked!

Let me tell you a little about my standards.

Unless an item is labeled as a "costume" or "modern", then it is as authentic as I can possibly make it. I assure you that--to the best of my knowledge--the fabric, materials, and sewing techniques are accurate for the time period. I am more than happy to share my documentation and CDVs. E-mails make me happy, so if you have any questions, make my day and send me a message.

My schedule:
I am a mere mortal. I have 7 children and a husband to take care of. Therefore, I hyper-organize everything. If you want me to sew you something, it must get on my calendar. If it doesn't, I won't sew it for you. Different projects take different amounts of time. I can sew a toddler dress quickly. It will take me a while to sew a multi-layered, custom-designed, completely handsewn, War Between the States wedding ensemble covered in whitework. It's just gonna. So, if you have a big project, tell me as soon as possible, and we'll put it on the calendar.

Identical garments:
My work is not mass produced. Each garment is different. Even those that are supposed to look the same. Many seamstresses refuse to do identical work. I will accept it on the understanding that the garments will NOT be truly identical. I have twins; I understand.

The custom work process:
Communication is the key. We will work together to choose a pattern and choose fabrics, thread, and other material. For intense projects, I will usually insist on a mock up/muslin/rough draft before cutting into the "real" fabric. This will let us know where alterations will need to be made. If you do not live close to me, we will have to rely on your measurements and fittings, usually sending the mock up and the garment back and forth. Keep this in mind as you plan your budget. Again, communication is key.


I take Paypal through my husband's account. I am also serious barterer, especially when it comes to period-correct items. Let's haggle...

When you buy something, you should pay for it. By this, I mean within 24 hours. If you don't, I will cancel your purchase. Because you didn't buy it. Don't get mad if I sell it to someone else. It wasn't yours. You didn't buy it.


Shipping is expensive. That's not my fault. I will do my best to ship reasonably and at cost (please remember that I have to pay for shipping materials). I usually ship USPS. No, I cannot send a dress by media mail. It's not media.

I do require insurance and delivery confirmation. Come on, people, it's the postal service. Let's be prudent.

If you want something else, and you will pay for it, I don't mind using FedEx, UPS, carrier pigeon, or goat cart. It's your package; how you get it is up to you.

Refunds and Exchanges

I want you to be completely giddy with excitement when you see your purchase. If that doesn't happen, please contact me and I will try to increase the giddiness.

Intense custom work that is not likely to resell is not eligible for return, barring some huge mistake on my part.